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Help us to change lives through music!

We have changed the lives of thousands of New Zealanders through music since we were established in 2004. You can help us not only continue to work with our current clients, but to also expand and reach more people in need. The Centre receives no direct Government funding, and is very grateful for every donation, large or small.  Your support goes directly to subsidising the costs of each music therapy session – it costs the Centre approximately $140 to deliver each session but through fundraising we can offer these to families for as little as $6 per session.  

We fundraise in a number of ways, including grants, donations, and events, and need to raise $840,000 per year to keep our programmes running. You too can change lives through music, and here are some of the ways: 

  • Donate to the Centre – either make a one off donation or donate a small amount each month

  • Leave a gift in your will

  • Payroll giving

  • Hold a fundraising event on our behalf

Further information on these options is below, or feel free to get in contact Rachel if you have any questions, wither via email or by calling 09 360 0889. We thank you in advance for considering a donation to our Centre.

Individual Donations

Every donation, no matter the size, gives a person in need access to music therapy. The best way to support us is to make a regular donation each month, creating a sustainable difference to the Centre that fits your budget. No matter how large or small, this consistent donation enables us to plan ahead. Tax receipts are provided for donations over $5.

Click on the button below to be taken to our donations page, where you can make an instant donation via credit card.

You can also send a cheque which should be made payable to the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust.  Please email Rachel or call 09 360 0889 for any questions or further information on donating to us.

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Leave a gift in your will

We need your support. The demand for our services increases every year and a legacy is an easy way to ensure we can continue to offer our unique and special music therapy programmes. Legacies continue to provide valuable support to our services long after the gift has been received, and you can even decide how you want the legacy to be used, such as towards the purchase of a building for our Centre, or to sponsor a child for a year. If you are considering leaving us a gift we would like to say a huge thank you and have produced the information below to make this as simple as possible.

If you already have a Will

If you would like to include a legacy to the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust in your existing Will, you can make a simple modification by adding a codicil (a codicil is a supplement to a Will intended to alter or modify it). To make sure your codicil is legal, we recommend it is checked and approved by a legal advisor, such as Perpetual Guardian.

If you do not have a Will

Writing a will is easier than many people think, and ensures that what you own goes to the people and causes you care about the most. It is an important legal document so should be prepared by a legal professional to ensure it reflects your wishes clearly. We have partnered with Perpetual Guardian, who can not only guide you through this process but offer discounted referrer rates. Contact philanthropy@pgtrust.co.nz or phone 0800 745 342 for further information.

Wording for a bequest

The following wording is an example of what should be included in your will. Please note you can chose to leave your estate in a number of ways:

  • Include a percentage of the remainder of your estate (known as the residue)

  • Nominate a percentage of your estate, creating a gift that keeps its value over time

  • Leave a specific amount of money, real estate or shares – known as a pecuniary bequest

 “I give $___________ to The Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust (CC24774). Without imposing a binding trust, I ask that these funds be used for the benefit of ___________. A receipt appearing to my Trustee to be given on behalf of The Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust will be a complete discharge to my Trustee for the gift.”

Please note the official name of our Charitable Trust is The Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust. 

Strictest confidence guaranteed
Any bequest inquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.  We will respect your wishes if you choose to remain anonymous.

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Payroll Giving

Get your work place involved and set up payroll giving!  

With payroll giving you can nominate the amount you wish to donate to the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust which will come directly from your PAYE. Not only that, you receive 33.33 cents for each dollar donated as a credit towards your PAYE and do not need to wait until the end of the year to claim it! There is no need to keep receipts, making it a simple way to give. Speak to your payroll officer to see if it’s an option for your company.

Regular donations, such as payroll giving, are an optimal way to give to the Centre. You are enabling the Centre to not only work with their current clients, but also develop programmes to reach wider demographics and more people in need.  

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Where does the donation go?

The Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre is the operating name of the Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust. The Trust is a Tier 3 charity registered with the Charities Services, registration number CC24774, and under the Incorporated Societies Act number 1874755. We are governed by a Board of eight volunteer Trustees. As a Charitable Trust all donations qualify for a tax rebate, and a tax receipt will be sent to you.

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