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David is a six-year-old boy who has had a series of strokes. This has made it difficult for him to walk, to talk and to use his left arm like he used to. It has also caused some deficits in his learning abilities. Despite the setbacks, David remains a bright boy who loves to play, sing and move to music.

David has been attending music therapy for 3 years. This is a space where he can play freely and be expressive. In therapy, the therapist actively supports his singing and instrumental playing. Therefore, David gets to hear the therapist embrace his musical expression, confidence and abilities that he amplifies through the instruments. As he enjoys playing with the therapist and listening to musical sounds he creates with his actions, he tries to make even louder sounds by making bigger motions. Sometimes, he even tries to use his left hand to create more magic around him. Within the musical environment in which he is motivated and accepted, he tries to push his limitations and to be as independent and autonomous as he can be to give himself what he wants – the musical atmosphere he wants to create. 

David also leads our session by requesting songs. He loves giving a short speech through the microphone before he starts to sing. When he sings, the therapist provides him a constant beat and musical rhythms. This helps David to sing each word more accurately in a steady pace and to articulate each syllable by distributing it to given beats. His mother has noticed a gradual improvement in his speech.

The therapy provides David a quality time in which music is tailored to meet David’s interests, desires and his needs. It also gives a time for David to reflect his energy, character and showmanship!