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 “My son has the opportunity to lead the session and take ownership of it, improving independence.  It lowers stress and makes him happy!”

“RMTC is welcoming, supportive, friendly and full of aroha.  Thank you so much!”

“The children love Russell and even saying his name before the session makes the children smile.”

“It is wonderful to have a music professional working with my daughter – someone who accepts her as she is and shares her enjoyment of music.  I feel that the therapist really ‘gets’ her!”

“My child absolutely loves music and especially musical instruments.  You have such a wide range of musical instruments, children will never get bored.”

“The goals and focus areas are useful to see.  The goals give us a sense of purpose for doing music therapy.”

“Our students have done individual music therapy sessions and they have really loved it.  It has been an excellent way for them to explore their emotions, express their feelings and engage in 1:1 communication through the medium of music, rhythm and sound – something they really enjoy.”