Getting started

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If you would like to refer a child or adult for music therapy sessions, please complete the referral form found here. One of team will be in touch to schedule a consultation with you shortly. If you have questions prior to making a referral, or wish to request a paper copy of the referral form, you can contact us on or 09 360 0889.

Our mission is to offer a quality, accessible music therapy service to all people, whatever their needs. To that end we subsidise the cost of our programmes and never turn anyone away due to an inability to pay. Whilst the actual cost of each music therapy session or review is over $140 we realise that is not affordable for families so we ask parents and caregivers to make a contribution of whatever they can afford on a sliding scale. This recommended scale can be seen here.

For those who are unable to make the minimum contribution each week there are private trusts that can be applied to for funding, as well as a subsidy scheme that RMTC operates. Under this scheme families can pay as little as $6 per session. If you have any questions or concerns over our costs please contact Rachel Farrell on 09 360 0889 who is happy to discuss this with you.

If you are a school, disability or health care organisation and are interested in starting a music therapy outreach programme, you can email us on or give us a call on 09 360 0889.  We would be happy to put together a programme proposal and quote for you.