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Individual sessions

The majority of our clients attend weekly, individual sessions. Once a child or adult is referred to the centre, a consultation takes place to assess their needs and the potential for music therapy to help them grow and develop. If it is decided that music therapy is the right fit, the child or adult is scheduled for sessions with a Registered Music Therapist at a location and time of the week convenient for the family. In most instances, there are session times available and music therapy sessions can commence in a matter of weeks.

Most sessions are one-on-one and 30-40 minutes in length. However, please let the consulting therapist know if you think the client would get more benefit from a paired or group session or from a session of a different length. Additionally, it is important to know that the focus of music therapy sessions is not to teach a child or adult how to play a particular instrument or how to read music. In some cases though, music therapy may provide a stepping stone towards music lessons and you’re welcome to discuss specific musical instrument interests during the consultation or later in the therapy process.

There is normally an eight session assessment period once music therapy begins. Goals and focus areas are developed in consultation with the family during an assessment review meeting at the end of this time period.

The therapy process is supported by:

  • audio-visual recordings of most sessions. The therapist is then able to review sessions where necessary and view responses outside of the session.

  • notes taken at each session, to record progress

  • progress review meetings at six month intervals during which the therapist shares video footage and progress towards goals with family members

  • progress reports produced at about six month intervals, measuring achievement and, where appropriate, reassessing goals

  • input from the therapist into care planning, e.g. Individual Education Programme, Rehabilitation Plans

  • liaison between the music therapist and other therapists and professionals, e.g teachers, key workers

  • a closing report at the end of therapy, identifying goals achieved and recommendations for the future

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Group sessions

Raukatauri’s group music therapy sessions allow children and adults to develop communication and socialisation skills within a motivating and supportive musical environment. We offer the following group programmes at a variety of locations, please enquire as to availability:

  • Tune In: Speech and music co-therapy group for children aged 6-10 years.

  • Mini Explorers: Music therapy group designed to promote healthy early childhood development, for preschool children and their caregivers.

  • Music Explorers: Music therapy group that aids in the development of motor, social and communication skills for children aged 5-10.

  • Come Together: A weekly music therapy programme for people with dementia and their family members.

Raukatauri can arrange group music therapy sessions specifically designed for your community residential home, community group or a network of families at any of our locations. Please be in touch for more information.

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Outreach programmes

As well as providing music therapy sessions at our Centre and satellite locations, we also deliver music therapy sessions via outreach programmes to schools, adult day programmes, rehabilitation units and hospitals.

At these facilities, our therapists deliver individual and group sessions for both fixed periods of time (typically 6-12 months) and for ongoing music therapy. Therapists contribute weekly progress notes for clients and also provide facilities and families with full progress reports, typically at 6 month intervals.

If you are a school, disability or health care organisation and are interested in starting a music therapy outreach programme, you can email us on or give us a call on 09 360 0889.

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Holiday programmes

Rather than quieting down during the school holidays, our Registered Music Therapists make sure that we have special programmes on offer for the whole family during school breaks. From Russell the Singing Cowboy to our popular drumming and sibling groups, there’s something different happening during each term break so please check our News tab to see what’s on offer. We also provide music therapy holiday programmes for partner organisations, such as Odyssey House, Wilson Home Trust and The Hearing House so please be in touch if you’d like us to design something specifically for your organisation.

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