Angela Jeong

Registered Music Therapist

Angela Jeong joined the Raukatauri whanau in September 2016. During her internship, Angela Jeong worked as a student music therapist at a hospice, children’s hospital and a special school in New Zealand. After gaining her qualification, she has worked as a community music therapist in the North Shore region and a music therapist in a hospital. For 4 years, Angela has worked as a volunteer teacher for children, teenagers and adults with intellectual disabilities and has experience of working as a caregiver for a child with illness.

Music, people and health are the areas that interested Angela from her childhood and these are the driving forces that led her to become a music therapist. Angela holds Bachelor’s degree in Music from the University of Auckland and Master’s degree in Music Therapy from the Victoria University of Wellington. Having studied music for 20 years, Angela enjoys playing the harp and piano and composing music for the main instruments.

In her spare time, Angela loves to cook and bake – especially, homemade apple pie and blueberry ice-cream!